2012 Schedule for Punchdrunk Insomniac

Each month at Punch-drunk Insomniac revolves around a certain topic/theme.  New posts are available by 12am CT/1am ET Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday.  (Monday and Tuesday are my writing days.)

Below are the topics that are scheduled for the remaining months of the year.  If you have any questions or suggestions for content, please contact me any time.  I’d love your feedback!

Gentaur schedule

Gentaur schedule (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

April – Springtime

May – Flowers/floral arrangements/in the garden

June – Famous birthdays in June. (includes biographies of the stars.)

July – America the Beautiful.  Cities, states, and landmarks.

August – Happiness Happens Month.  It’s all about happiness and self improvement!

September – 30 Days of Silent Pictures

October – Paranormal

November – Native Americans

December – Happy Holidays

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